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I'm just a girl in the world or whatever.

yung yet 20000 yrs old


A lost Lebanon - in pictures

When artist Ania Dabrowska started working with Diab Alkarssifi, a homeless Lebanese man in London, she made a startling discovery. He was a compulsive photographer with a hoard of unseen pictures from his homeland   *

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My advice to me, my advice to anyone listening

Plan as much as possible

Being a mess isn’t going to bring your life any progress

Life isnt always going to be happy and awesome

If you are feeling low or sad and don’t have a real reason to feel this way… its more then likely just your hormones being crazy.


Get your shit together.

Being a emotional wreck isn’t cool, cute, or attractive! So stop.

Be balanced and try to stay stable

Put the phone down. Trust me you don’t have a text waiting.


here’s your new late-summer jam

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